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Our IT departement, based at our HQ in Gothenburg, are responsible for our internal as well as our external IT operations.

The IT department manages internal systems, as well as helping clients with their systems. Tailored server solutions, implementation of a more secure IT protection or just an explanation of how a DNS actually works? Our IT department can help our clients with almost anything!

Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions mainly works with SSL certificates, e-mail protection and is also an expert in DNS management. The department consults our customers in technical solutions and also develops the offers, based on new trends coming in the area.
we strive to offer the latest in technical solutions to protect the customer’s brand

The best thing with my job is the variety of challenges that the digital IT industry carries. Ports Group provides the tools needed for development.”

Sebastian Modig
System Specialist and a member of the Group since 2010.

Sebastian Modig